Forge Hexxed Key.

What's up guys, here's my Hexxed set at Epiphany.
Yup I know, I did a bento arm again. Although little different this time, the poster still ended up looking like Ocullas. What can I say, I like robot arms. 24 Commons & 1 Rare. The Arms Feature a HUD with 10 different surfaces to mix and match on.
For Maitreya.

[theSkinnery] @ Shiny Shabby

Robin (Catwa) in all tones & shape (Catya) available from 20th April @ Shiny Shabby ♥

[theSkinnery] New Group Gifts - lipstick ♥

Compatible with skins with the same name, enjoy! <3

-SU!- The Darks Eyes ALL

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