//Madame Chevaliere

Madame Chevaliere @ The Epiphany From The Violent Seduction.

Coming to The Epiphany this round!
Madame Chevaliere is a set fit for a queen, complete with color change HUDs for every item in the set. The set can be worn as a Lingerie set, or add the cage skirt for something more fitting of the royal court :)
Lingerie (Rare): Metal Change HUD (5 Metals)
Pauldrons, Crowns, Boots: Metal/Fur Change HUD (5 Metals, 6 Furs)
Skirt: Hide/Show Fabric Layer and Metal/Fur Change HUD (5 Metals, 6 Furs) The Skirt can be worn as just a cage, and is fully rigged.
This set has been carefully designed to bring out the best of your windlight with beautiful materials.
The Sash shown is the Epiphany Exclusive and is rigged to work seamlessly with the skirt even if the top layer is hidden. It doesn't come with the words on them - that's exclusively for personal use and for showing off our rap names.
I hope you love it as much as I enjoyed making it.
Epiphany opens on the 15th:

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