The Dirty Turkey Hunt . { Part 1 }

En ce moment ce déroule le troisième volet de la chasse Dirty Turkey, du 1 au 30 novembre.
Le lien pour les SlUrl et les indices ici
150 magasins participants, et tous les items sont gratuits. Pour cela il vous faut trouver un petit bouton avec le dessin d'une dinde dessus (celle du poster) cacher dans chaque magasin. 
Les photos ci-dessous son non exhaustive,  manque notamment les items masculin, les meubles, poses et également les items que je n'ai malheureusement pas trouvé.

Bonne chasse à tous !


At the moment it rolls out the third installment of The Dirty Turkey Hunt from November 1 to 30
The link for SLurl and hints here
150 participating stores, and all items are free. For this you need to find a small button with a picture of a turkey on it (the poster) hide in each store.
The photos below its not exhaustive, especially missing masculine items, furniture, poses and also items I have unfortunately not found.
  Happy hunting to all !

#02 Epic Hint: If it’s new, then it’s for you!
#06 SAKIDE Hint: Are you in Bitching mood ?
#20 SuPerBia Hint: Sometimes search in the trash can give a reward
#12 Endless Pain Tattoos Hint: Take a Seat  

#09 Hysteria (FMH Gift so sorry)
#21 REPULSE Hint: Phantom
#29 Milk Hint: go stand in the corner!
#27 Duh! Hint: Dirty Turkeys get lucky more often!

 #04 AlterEgo Hint: Welcome to the land of Dirty. 
#25 Plastik Hint: Caged, Above your head, flying only in my dreams.
#35 Styled by Panda Hint: Now THAT is one good lookin’ Outlaw! 
#63 KyS ThiS Hint: Watch out for cow pies!

#08 Holli Pocket Hint: This heat makes the turkey rise-up up 
#16 VIRTUAL/INSANITY Hint: The turkey is waiting to be cooked next to the oven.
 #26 trs Hint: Does my butt look big in this skirt? 
#28 Essencial Hint: Look for the pink flower

#54 Adoness Hint: Where Blooming Prince meets Princess Mia. 
#13 Leri Miles Designs Hint: If you were hunting Africa’s BIG 5 you might stumble across a Turkey too!
 #03 Sassy! Hint: Go on – take a dip. 
#11 MiWardrobe Hint: Find the Skull!!

  #44 Phoebe’s Hint: See hint giver (mainstore entrance)
 #22 Insanya Hint: “visit my blog”
 #14 Kennedy’s Hint: Men…subscribe to me!
 #24 Just You Jewels Hint: Don’t play with fire please !! 

#55 FROSTING! Hint: Fall down like autumn leaves.
 Luckie (TAE Gift sorry)
 #33 Fe Style Hint: look the spotlight 
#37 HollyWeird Hint: “The Future is Bright.. Better Grab Some Shades” 

#30 AMERICAN BAZAAR Hint: In the cabinet
#38 Wild Serenity Hint: I always seem to end up in the corner when I drink to much of the hard cider.  
 #48 MV Hint: Hint Giver available in Lobby on Hunt Wall Signs.
#34 Juxtapose Hint: Somewhere you hide from monsters..might be a little dusty!

#50 Shiva Hint: I’m close to the girl
#05 Intrepid Hint: All the windows of my heart I open to the day.
#01 Razorblade Jacket Hint: I am getting so sleepy
#52 Sparrowtree Studios Poses Hint: I hope I don’t fall off the end of the runway doing my single lady strut.     

.{ PART2 }.
.{ PART3 }.

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  1. This is awesome work, thanks! Just thought you should know you have Sakide listed twice (first and second pic). Not sure where the second outfit comes from but the first pic is right :)

    1. oh oops sorry! :s it is plastik thank you jennifer for the detected. error is corrected ;)