The Dirty Turkey Hunt . { Part 3 }

Voici enfin le dernier volet de la Dirty turkey, j'espère que vous y avez trouvé votre bonheur. Même si j'ai aimé la couvrir ce n'est pas quelques choses que je ferais pour beaucoup de chasses vue le travail que ça demande. Je vous donne encore le lien officiel de la chasse pour tout ceux que je n'est pas fait iciMerci à tous ceux qui m'ont suivie, j'espère vous avoir été utiles.


Here, finally, the last part of the Dirty turkey, I hope that you have found your happiness. While I liked cover, it is not some things I would do for many hunts for the work that it takes. I give you again the link official to the hunt here. Thank you to all those who have followed me, I hope I have been helpful.

#106 Eye Candi Hint: Girls, Girls, Girls!
#122 CoLLisions Hint: This Turkey got a bit of surprise when he tried to mate with some cranes.
#112 H.E.D. Hint: Miley has something in her pocket…better frisk her!
#118 G-series Hint: Don’t let the spiral hypnotize you.

#111 Mystic Canvass Skins Hint: The People Under The Stairs
#115 Devilish Designs Hint: Think Summer in Hawaii… with these types of trees in planters 
#120 Wunderland Hint: it’s in a corner
#104 Flaunt Hint: Watch your steps!


#121 Spirit Store Hint: Light is everything
#108 SOUL. Hint: It’s Pay time 
 #107 AngelRED Couture Hint: Men like clothing too……
 #101 Katitudes & Boneisms Hint: Tic Toc, Tic Toc, this Turkey is looking for a C-C-C…..lock.

#147 Indigo Eclectic Hint: I’m not going to jump, I just like living on the edge. 
#131 BTS Designs Hint: If you’re trying to find me, I’m hard to find you see, but if you’re feeling ‘lucky’, just look above for me.
#123 Splash Store Hint: look like a rat
#105 AIDORU Hint: i’m so lucky i gotcha

#141 Cute Poison Hint: I’m quite partial to heads.
#143 Hot Stuff Hint: Valentina!!!
#138 blah.BLAh.blah Hint: I will run adn run and You cant catch me!
#140 Medley Hint: “Oh these sweaters are so cute, let me go try them on”

#151 Ol’ Dirty Bastards Hint: Frankenstorm
#134 LoveCats Hint: gobble gobble gobble?.. this birdy says chirp chirp chirp
#129 Zombie Suicide Hint: Careful of the tenticles they can pull you under!!!
#127 Bubblefish Hint: Turkeys & Poodles.

 #145 ellemeno Hint: if the sky is the limit, what happens when there is are rafters in the way?
#148 Orsini Hint: Cinderella’s got the blues
#149 S H O C K Hint: “The shadow is better than the burning sun…”  

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